Tuesday, January 15, 2013

For Luke on his 12th Birthday

I am going to have to believe that it is better late than never.  Moving, getting married and getting settled have put me behind on Luke's birthday post.  This has obviously been a big year for us, particularly the boys.  Luke was the first one excited to move to Alabama and for "us to get married."  He was open to change and couldn't wait to have sisters.  Luke, on the surface, is a great go-with-the-flow type kid.

We moved during the summer, and had time to form our new family with my three boys and Donald's two girls.  When he started school, Luke was happy and excited.  But I could tell he was not adjusting as easily as he wanted to adjust.  With his big, gregarious personality, I think Luke felt like he had to hold back and couldn't be as much himself until he had found a level of comfort.

He had a lot of adjustments at once.  We lived in a new place, he had to make new friends.  He was used to having lots of friends who loved him.  He had to adjust to a new step-father and figure out how to accept this new authority.  He had to adjust to a new church.  He had to adjust to a new school and teachers and didn't get to go to PATS anymore.

Throughout, even with a bit of struggle to find his place in a new family and new place, Luke had a good attitude.  He persevered and made friends.  He joined lacrosse and went to a new youth group.  His new teachers loved him, and he has found a way to fit in with new friends.  He loves his new family, and he lets them know it.

One thing I love about Luke is that you always know where you stand with him.  He does everything all out and always tries to do it with a good attitude.  He has a fiery temper, but underneath that, he has the best heart.

Happy birthday, Luke.

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