Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jake and Papa

We went to dinner one night for my brother's birthday. It was my brother Joe, my brother Jim and his family, my parents and me and the boys. Jake sat next to my dad. Jake said to him, "I think a pure democracy is better than a representative democracy." Dad asked why and he went on to say that then everyone would have a say...the majority would actually rule. Dad asked how he would do that...would he put a computer in every home so they could vote on every issue?

Jake said, I don't know, but it would be better for everyone to have a say. Dad asked him: Well, don't you think that the minorities should be protected? Jake: What do you mean? Dad: Well, what if everyone voted that you couldn't have free speech or that everyone had to be a Catholic or a Jew or a Christian? Don't you think we should have our Constitutional protections?

Jake: You really are a lawyer, aren't you? That was very persuasive.

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